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What is Smart Vending Machine

Features and Services of smart vending machine


Hardware configuration options provided

The machine supports a variety of hardware configuration and functions.

Translucent screen, mirror-surface screen, high definition screen

Buyers could read the product information on the screen and have a glance on the package of the product at the same time.

Escalator System

The system avoids products from being damaged when falling to the delivery port. Support products using fragile materials as packages.

Temperature Control System

Choices of refrigeration( 4°C to room temp.), Thermal Insulation(room temp. to 50°C) and Room temperature are provided.

24-hours video monitoring

Information like buyers’ age groups and sex could be obtained which allow identifying target buyers. Valuable sales statistics could be obtained for commercial purposes.

Multiple Usage

Different elements such as selling, advertisement, map, donation and game could be added to the system.

Variety of Payment methods could be supported

Depending on different situation, payment methods could be added or removed 

Hardware configuration options provided

The machine supports a variety of hardware configuration and functions.


A showcase of Interfaces on the vending machine

Management set of the vending machine


Online shopping platform

Online sales channels are provided for our clients in order to increase the sales.


Business Analysis

Sales of clients’ vending machine would be clearly shown. Each transaction would be automatically upload to background data base. Different statistics and charts are included for data analysis. Clients could therefore reveal the sales of the vending machine as well as selling trend of products, popular categories of products, main sales target, etc. through the analysis.


ERP System

Background accounts that connect to cloud are provided for our clients to help manage own business. The system includes Accounting management, Customer management, Export and Import management, etc. which could facilitate companies in most of the industries

-Business Analysis


 Real-time remote
Wherever you are, you could efficiently analyze, monitor, process, control the selling devices through mobile phones, tablets or computers. Integrated cloud management for goods in and out of stock, inventory, distribution, sales, and settlement. Clients could change the categories of products in the vending machine, apply for refilling of products and adjust the advertisement on screen through issuing instructions in the background.

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