How to corporate with Foodoor

Using our vending machine

Online registration

If you want to join us, you could first register and leave your contact information for us on our website. You would get a follow-up afterwards.

Learn more

Having a meeting with us to learn more about the corporation details as well as your requirements. We would provide the package that suit you most.

Trial use of our machine

Clients are welcomed to visit our office to try out the vending machine. We could show you the interfaces of Foodoor vending machine, mobile app as well as the background management system.


If you are interested in working with us, you can discuss the cooperation model with us and let us know if there are any special needs, we will do our best to provide a customized vending machine for you.

Signing Contract

After compromising the cooperation model, it comes the stage of signing contract and related documents. We would arrange the after-sale services including maintenance of the vending machine, updating the vending machine, arranging teaching, etc.

Site selection and machine production

We would arrange the vending machine producers to start producing the vending machine after signing the contract. During the period of waiting, we would suggest different locations for our clients to locate their vending machines.

We would provide a series of locations for our clients to place the vending machine. We would also in charge of contacting the staff of corresponding locations including shopping malls, commercial buildings, carparks and piers.

Placement of machines and operation

The vending machine could start operating when everything got ready. We would continue providing after-sales services and follow-up actions for your vending machine.