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Online shop system

Let online shop connected with the vending machine

We provide both online and offline services which customers could directly buy products from the vending machine, as well as pre-order the products online and take them in the designated vending machine.

Online shop

Apart from selling your items in the vending machine, clients are able to sell your products on our online shop and official website.

取貨 – 預留時間剩餘.png

Shop at wholesale price

1. Consumers buying products in bulk on online shop could earn discounts

2. Obtain the QR code and take the products by scanning the QR code

3.  The system would automatically count the remaining number of products in consumers’ accounts.

4. Make it convenient for the consumer who regularly buys from the vending machine (e.g. Taking a bottle of drinks every day before work)


Our vending machine system could perform membership function which could help corporate with companies’ marketing strategies.

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