Renting and buying the vending machine

Providing different services and corporation opportunities

Buying the vending machine

You could buy the vending machine through Foodoor. Apart from the machine, smart system are provided for clients to set up the functions and products of the vending machine. Also, clients are able to learn about the sales instantly.

We are local small and medium-sized enterprises

Providing a brand new sales channel. Combining the concept of unmanned selling with the vending machine, we help to lower the rent and labour cost. At the same time, we help increasing local points of sale.

Foreign Enterprises

Through using vending machines, you could test the market in Hong Kong at a low cost. You could understand the market potential of your products, obtain local sales data, and then deploy them according to the situation.

I want to start a business

We provide new investing opportunities. We help private investors to achieve micro-entrepreneurship. You could control and manage your retailing store through the background connected with the cloud.

Time-honoured Brand

By combining with modern selling techniques, we could help you to break the old images of your brand. This could help achieve short term publicity as well as increase the customer base.

Renting vending machines

Besides, you can rent our vending machines for various application. We provide both daily rent and monthly rent. Locating vending machines services are also provided.

Supplying Products

Clients could put your product on the Foodoor platform for selling. Foodoor would help increase the exposure of your products and profits could be obtained.

Promotion of Brand

Clients could promote your products through the Foodoor platform.

Full-screen advertisement

The full-screen advertisement would appear when the vending machine is in the standby status.

Advertisement on the body of the vending machines

Clients’ advertisement could be attached to the body of the vending machines.

Short term promotion

Clients could rent our vending machines for promotion purposes, using the body and screen of the machine.

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