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A vending machine that promotes communication between colleagues!?

日本 售賣機

With the outbreak of the epidemic, many companies have turned to work from home part of the day, and the number of face-to-face communication with colleagues is naturally rare. However, the company is a place where groups work together, so how can there be a lack of communication? So a beverage company in Japan launched a new service for the company: the president's vending machine! But how can this vending machine promote communication among colleagues?

It turned out that when two employees put their employee badges on the sensing position of the vending machine at the same time, each of them can get a free drink. According to the person in charge: when a person arrives at the vending machine, he is a quiet space; according to the person in charge of the project: when one person arrives at the vending machine, it is a quiet and private space; and when two people All in the vending machine, here is a space for communication. And this machine allows two people to choose drinks together at the same time, which increases the chances of chatting between colleagues.

I believe that the greatest significance of this project is to encourage communication between colleagues. The vending machine is used as a communication platform for colleagues to chat, and other projects are also encouraged to face up to the communication problems between colleagues.

And this vending machine plan can help the beverage company to promote, increase the exposure rate, and let more people know the brand. This is also a good way to use the vending machine to promote your brand. If you are interested in using the vending machine to develop and promote your brand, please pay attention to our Facebook and Instagram. We will introduce more information about the vending machine one after another!


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