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Buy or rent?


Is it better to buy a plane or rent a plane? Many customers have asked us this question. In order to cater for everyone's different needs, FOODOOR also provides vending machine rental or sale services. You can decide to rent or buy a vending machine based on your cash flow and capital needs.

FOODOOR provides #卖机 rental service. As long as the lease exceeds 20 months, the vending machine can be renewed permanently at a rent of 0 yuan. The leasing plan is more suitable for merchants with a small initial investment budget. They can establish a vending machine business with a lower principal, and can even renew the lease at 0 yuan to bring greater returns.

FOODOOR provides #Smart Vending Machine sales service. Although merchants need to pay the total price of the vending machine at one time, they can enjoy a more favorable price, which is generally more than 30% cheaper than the rental plan (rental for 20 months). The sale plan is more suitable for merchants with sufficient funds, and can greatly increase the return rate of subsequent vending machines.

In terms of price, the current monthly fee for renting a FOODOOR vending machine is as low as $2800! Depending on the vending machine model, product type, and location, the price will also vary. Buying a vending machine is the same. Because there are different models of vending machines, the prices are also different. If you want to know the exact price and which vending machine is suitable for your product, please feel free to DM us or call us at (852) 9233 7439 Inquiries, we will reply you as soon as possible!

Based on the above information, you can choose a plan that is more suitable for your needs, optimize your business model by investing in FOODOOR vending machines, and bring more income. Of course, FOODOOR will also analyze your business situation and provide professional advice to make your vending machine business run more smoothly.


We are the only vending machine company in Hong Kong approved by the Japanese government. From offline to online, sales, promotion, background management system and mobile phone applications cooperate to provide you with one-stop service.

- Vending machine online store

- Mobile app

- Enterprise Resource Planning

- Support service

- Logistics replenishment

- Online and offline promotion and monitoring

- Repair

According to different products and different types of vending machines, the prices are also different. If you want to know more details, please feel free to contact us!

(852) 9233 7439


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