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Four benefits of starting a business with a vending machine

Want to expand your business but face high costs? ! The smart vending machine can help you! Since the outbreak of the epidemic, some businesses have suffered a significant loss of income. Stores all raised their hands to surrender under the high operating costs. Using a vending machine to open a shop can reduce costs for you. The following are the four major benefits of a vending machine!

First, Low Rent

As the region with the best property prices in Asia, Hong Kong’s shop rents are often tens of thousands. Under the epidemic, when income drops, businesses are prone to large losses. However, if you rent an existing vending machine shop, the rent is much cheaper than renting a shop. Some cooperative venues will even provide free existing venues to help merchants control operating costs. Opening a shop through a vending machine is a low-cost shop. method.

Second, 24 hours

Unless the merchant is a chain of convenience stores, it is difficult for general merchants to operate 24 hours a day due to cost and efficiency issues, causing merchants to lose part of their business. However, if you use a vending machine to open a shop, you can open it 24 hours a day, which can increase the income of the merchants and improve the services of the merchants to attract a fixed late-night customer base.

Third, save labor expenses

Apart from opening a shop, the most important thing is of course the manpower, and the cost of staff is also an annoyance for many merchants. In addition to labor expenses, what bothers merchants more is the management of personnel, such as how the store should deal with employees when they ask for leave. When faced with these problems, many customers have no way to manage. Using a vending machine to open a shop can save you from worrying about managing employees and save labor costs.

Fourth, promote the brand

The current smart vending machine has a large high-definition screen, so it can broadcast advertisements 24 hours a day, thereby promoting the brand and increasing the popularity of the product. Our advertising types include:

1. Static on-screen advertising

2. Dynamic screen advertising

3. Top-of-the-line banners

4. Body sticker advertisement

5. Gift distribution

In addition to opening an account through a smart vending machine to sell products, you can also promote your own product brand, killing two birds with one stone.


We are an automated and intelligent retail solution provider in Hong Kong. We have a variety of machines that meet the requirements of different merchants, provide different hardware, and cooperate with software support such as online stores, mobile apps, vending machine programs, back-end systems, etc., for merchants. Customize appropriate sales and promotion automation solutions to help merchants increase their market competitiveness.

Want to know more about how vending machines can help you develop your business in Hong Kong?

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