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Four major advantages of vending machine development compared with traditional model

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, many businesses have suffered greatly and their income has been greatly reduced. Many shops have raised their hands and surrendered due to the high operating costs. Xiamizai now shares another shop operating method for merchants and entrepreneurs. The method is to use vending machine!!

Below are the 4 major advantage of using vending machine instead of traditional shop operation.

First, lower renting cost

As the region with the highest property prices in Asia, Hong Kong’s shop rentals are often tens of thousands. Therefore, when shop owners' income decrease under the epidemic, businesses are prone to large losses. However, if you rent an existing vending machine, the rent is only in the thousands. Some cooperative venues even provide free existing venues, which can help merchants control operating costs. Therefore, opening a shop through a vending machine is a cost-lowering method.

Second, 24 hours operation

Because of cost and benefit issues, it is very difficult for general merchants to operate 24 hours a day, and merchants miss out on business opportunity. However, if the shop is opened with a vending machine, it can be opened 24 hours a day, which can increase the income of the merchants, while at the same time optimizing the services of the merchants to attract a fixed late-night customer base.

Third, no human needed

In addition to search a shop location, the most important thing is to hire people. Hiring people is sometimes a troublesome to merchants . Besides salary expenditure, the management of the employee is even more annoying for the merchants. Absenteeism, early or sick leave, and poor service quality are all problems with some employees. Faced with these problems, many owners have no way to manage them. But if you use a vending machine to open the shop, you don't have to worry about these problems, and you can save labor costs.

Fourth, promote your brand

The smart vending machine has a large screen, which can broadcast advertisements 24 hours a day, promote the brand and increase product awareness. Opening a shop with a smart vending machine can not only sell products, but also promote your own product brands.

If you want to know more about opening a shop with vending machine, please feel free to contact me through the website below.


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