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GS1 HK Food Safety Forum 2021

CS1 HK 食品安全論壇 2021
CS1 HK 食品安全論壇 2021

Congratulates to the GS1 HK Food Safety Forum 2021, which was held on December 1, 2021, on its successful conclusion. This year, FOODOOR is honored to be a part of it, and to contribute to this meaningful forum.

The theme of this year’s "Food Safety Forum" is "Remodeling, Restructuring, Rebirth-Addressing Food Safety Challenges" "Food Safety in Times of Crisis: Rethink, Reset, Revive", bringing together more than 350 industry experts and practitioners to discuss how to improve food Traceability methods, and at the same time, reduce food safety risks in the end-to-end supply chain by promoting the application of global standards and technology in food management systems, build consumer trust and enhance brand image.

Industry experts shared and outlined insights on the application of food safety technology and standards, increased credibility and transparency, and innovative technologies that can help improve food safety and protect consumers. They will also share successful cases in the retail, manufacturing, catering and logistics industries.

The award ceremony of the "Quality Food Program" was also held at the same venue to commend companies that have performed well in food safety and traceability.


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