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Gym room is also suitable for placing vending machines?

It turns out that the fitness room is also suitable for placing vending machines?

Four kinds of items that fitness professionals want to sell on vending machines!

In recent years, Hong Kong people are paying more and more attention to health. Many people also go to the fitness room and yoga room to exercise. In the past, these sports venues also provided vending machines, but most of them only sold different kinds of beverages to quench their thirst. . At present, in many sports venues abroad, there are already vending machines specially set up for sportsmen, so that the fitness room can provide guests with greater convenience and thus attract more members.

1. Suitable for pre-exercise food

Supplementing energy before exercise can not only improve the exercise effect, but also avoid muscle loss. If there is not enough energy, the body will produce energy by breaking down muscles, which will lose muscle mass and affect exercise performance. Therefore, the vending machine can sell some fresh fruits, cheese, milk and other foods that avoid flatulence, so as to replenish energy for athletes before exercising.

2. Energy-supplemented beverages

The most important thing during exercise is water replenishment, so energy drinks or water can be sold in the vending machine. Although most fitness rooms have water dispensers with water dispensers, some athletes will also choose to buy bottles of water during the epidemic.

3. Food after exercise

The 30 minutes after exercise is the prime time. Ingestion of protein and carbohydrates at this time will help muscle synthesis, help restore physical strength, and prevent muscles from being burned. However, Hong Kong is busy with manual tasks. After exercising, most people need to take transportation or have other things to deal with. It is easy to miss this prime time. For example, they can sell some protein drinks, sugar-free yogurt, fruits, and energy bars in the vending machine. Wait so that athletes do not have to deliberately buy elsewhere.

4. Sports goods

In addition to food, there is also a certain market for the sale of some sports products, such as towels, sheaths, socks, and rubber bands. Even if the athletes forget to bring some sports products, they can buy them on the spot.

What are the benefits of placing a vending machine in the gym?

Placing the vending machine in the fitness room can not only make use of the idle space, earn and supplement the cost funds, but also provide the greatest convenience for the guests. Hong Kong people seek convenience, and the convenient fitness room can absorb more and more gym room members.


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