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How to choose the location of the vending machine?

With the development of technology, the use and development of smart vending machines have gradually formed. How should merchants who intend to invest in vending machines choose the location of their stalls?

1. Requirements for the object of the supplies

If the vending machine is left unused, the necessity of the vending machine in the place should be considered. For example, walking trails: Generally, people who use this place are casual spreaders and runners, and most people need some supplies. If they can sell mineral water drinks and other supplies on the spot, their use will be greatly increased. The intention to buy from a vending machine.

Case: Monitoring

If you go to the beach, you might think of sunglasses, dates, equipment, swimming trunks, etc... How great is a vending machine that sells supplies!

2. Provide (Limited Business Hours vs. 24 Hours Service)

If there are vending machines selling similar items nearby, you want to consider what the superior vending machines have they will win. Is it a 24-hour convenient service? A fully automated sales system?

Case: Place a vending machine in a residential area

In the middle of the night, when the nearby shops are out, and the residents' replenishment items (such as first aid supplies, sanitary supplies, batteries) are used up, where can I buy them? If there is this vending machine downstairs for about 24 hours, the problem will be solved!

3. Candidate waiting area

Another suitable place for a vending machine is a place where you will stay for a longer time.

Case: A popular waiting area in a shopping mall.

First of all, people in shopping malls are inherently scarce, and when meeting with friends, the shopping malls are often crowded with specific customers waiting for their friends. In addition, there are long-term customers waiting for food and beverages, and they are waiting for customers. When you are waiting, when you are free, you will naturally encounter the interest generated by the sales machine and buy the product.

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