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In addition to drinks, what else can vending machines sell?

What are Japanese vending machines selling? In addition to drinks, what else can vending machines sell?

Due to the epidemic situation, everyone is unable to travel to Japan. I believe everyone misses Japan very much! Today I will introduce two things: what Japanese vending machines sell now!

1. Cake

Japan’s super-popular dessert shop "OKASHI GAKU" has launched a canned version of cakes for sale on Japanese vending machines. It is convenient for everyone to buy desserts at any time 24 hours a day. It is a boon to the late-night clan! Whether it's eating or punching in, it's first-rate. The owner said that the creative inspiration is that these delicious desserts can bring spiritual comfort to office workers; and it is convenient for everyone to buy cakes for their families after dinner.

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2. Bouquet

Japanese company Hibiya Huatan and Landflora jointly launched a bouquet vending machine, which is convenient for customers who need to buy bouquets but don't have time to visit the flower shop. The vending machines also provide different sizes, colors, styles and prices. Even if they are sold in the vending machines, there are many choices to facilitate the purchase of customers in different situations, such as appointment bouquets, medical bouquets, celebration bouquets, etc. , Have it all.

I believe everyone will be a little curious seeing this!

1. Will the food be damaged when placed in the vending machine?

2Will the flowers fall from the vending machine be damaged?

It is quite normal to have this type of question! There are currently different types of Foodoor vending machines, to provide customers with the most suitable vending machines! , So that different kinds of goods can also be sold in the vending machine.

Temperature adjustment

The Foodoor vending machine has a temperature control system that can be selected from 70 degrees to minus 10 degrees.

・Frozen vending machine-below minus 18 degrees

・Smart showcase-room temperature

・Smart vending machine-minus 10 degrees to room temperature

・Hot food vending machine-room temperature to 70 degrees

・Sales Cabinet-Custom

Lift system

To avoid damage caused by the goods falling from a height to the pick-up port, the delivery process can choose not to go through a conveyor belt or a vending machine with a lift, which greatly reduces the possibility of goods shaking or damage.

With the above functions, the types of goods that can be sold in the vending machine are more diversified, which is a good way to reduce operating costs (shop rent, manpower) to start a business.


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According to different products and different types of vending machines, the prices are also different. If you want to know more details, please feel free to contact us!

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