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Techland x Foodoor POS Vending Machine System

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The retail industry wants to expand omni-channel sales. In addition to opening online stores, it can also consider automatic vending machines to set up more distribution points at a lower cost and operate 24 hours a day, breaking the time constraints of physical stores.

Different from traditional vending machines, the smart vending machine combined by Techland x Foodoor provides a cloud management backend, and the transaction data of the vending machine will be automatically uploaded to the backend database, allowing enterprises to check the transaction records and inventory of the vending machine at any time, which is convenient Replenishment. The management background also provides different charts and sales data analysis to help customers understand the sales status of the vending machine, such as: popular products, comparison of sales points, etc.

The biggest advantage of the smart vending machine is its integration with Keyu POS and ERP systems. Companies only need to use the ERP system to simultaneously manage all online and offline businesses, including retail, online shopping, and wholesale/distribution purchase, sales, and inventory processes. In addition to helping to develop all-weather sales channels, the system provides multi-angle big data analysis, which greatly assists companies in formulating short-, medium-, and long-term development strategies.

In addition to the unmanned vending machine shop, you can also wear the FOODOOR mobile app or go to the FOODOOR online store to shop! For more information about buying or renting vending machines, please contact us to learn more.


We are the only vending machine company in Hong Kong approved by the Japanese government. From offline to online, sales, promotion, background management system and mobile phone applications cooperate to provide you with one-stop service.

- Vending machine online store

- Mobile app

- Enterprise Resource Planning

- Support service

- Logistics replenishment

- Online and offline promotion and monitoring

- Repair

According to different products and different types of vending machines, the prices are also different. If you want to know more details, please feel free to contact us!

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