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Three steps to the opening of a shop of vending machine

After we introduced you to the four major benefits of the opening of a shop of vending machine last week, many friends expressed interest, but there was a feeling that there was no way to start. So today I’m going to guide you more. There are actually three major elements in the opening of a shop of vending machine. They are goods, vending machines, and location.

The first step is to prepare the goods for sale

Although all products can be marketed through vending machines, according to my experience, some of the product characteristics are more suitable for sale in vending machines, because of the high profitability, high unit price, and small size. Finding the right product is the first step.

The second step is to find a suitable vending machine

There are many different types of vending machines on the market. Take FOODOOR's vending machines as an example. There are room temperature and cold and hot vending machines. There are many different accessories, such as elevators, translucent screens, and so on. So we need to find a vending machine suitable for our products and brands to operate.

The third step is to find a venue

In addition to the vending machine and goods, the venue is also very important. We need to understand the positioning of the product and the target customer group, and then find the venue with more target customers and set up a vending machine to increase the sales success rate.

After the three elements are in place, we can officially start operating our unmanned store.


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