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Vending Machine Q&A!

A collection of frequently asked questions about vending machines! I believe that everyone has a lot of questions about the vending machine. Today, we collected the four questions asked by the most customers. If you still have other questions about the Foodoor vending machine, please leave a message on our Instagram for a limited time. We will reply to you on the story as soon as possible. !

1. What are the restrictions on the items placed in the vending machine?

Items permitted by Hong Kong law can be placed in our vending machines for resale, such as umbrellas, toys, and hygiene products. In other words, the vending machine is a Mili convenience store, basically everything you see in the convenience store can be put in our vending machine. But it should be noted that if you want to sell food, the food must be equipped with a food label to meet legal requirements.

Customers are welcome to contact us directly if they are interested in trying out any merchandise on the vending machine.

2. Does the vending machine need to apply for a license?

According to Hong Kong law, there is no relevant license for operating general vending machines (such as vending machines with refrigerated or constant temperature functions). If the vending machine has the function of food processing, you must apply for a license from the relevant department.

3. Is the vending machine a soda machine?

Smart vending machines (traditionally called soda machines) generally operate on a computer system, which means that all marketing records will be sent to the background for statistics. Managers of vending machines only need to log in to the background to know the past sales status of their vending machines. In addition, users of vending machines can also communicate with smart vending machines via mobile apps (such as pre-purchase goods, payment and point systems).

4. What should I pay attention to for vending machine products?

If the shelf life is too short, the frequency of replacement will greatly increase and increase costs. It is recommended to use airtight packaging for food/drinks to ensure food safety.

Although the vending machine is equipped with a lifting function, we also recommend that the goods be packaged and protected before they are put on the shelf.


We are the only vending machine company in Hong Kong approved by the Japanese government. From offline to online, sales, promotion, background management system and mobile phone applications cooperate to provide you with one-stop service.

- Vending machine online store

- Mobile app

- Enterprise Resource Planning

- Support service

- Logistics replenishment

- Online and offline promotion and monitoring

- Repair

According to different products and different types of vending machines, the prices are also different. If you want to know more details, please feel free to contact us!

(852) 9233 7439


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