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Want to use the vending machine to sell goods 24 hours day, but worry about the lack of space?


Want to use the vending machine to sell goods 24 hours a day, but worry about the lack of store space?

Foodoor smart window can help you!

Although the load capacity of the smart window is smaller than other vending machines, its slim size can completely solve the problem of insufficient space in Hong Kong. This kind of vending machine is suitable to be placed at the door of the store. It can not only promote the latest products for the merchants, but also the customers can place orders on their own when the payment is large, sharing the problem of insufficient staff, and the merchants can be open 24 hours after closing. So that customers can buy in the vending machine at any time, which is very convenient! Compared with the smart vending machine next to it, the volume is absolutely slender, and it is very suitable to be placed in the store!

And if you want to place more goods, you can choose a smart vending machine. The smart vending machine is a mini shop. As long as the items permitted by Hong Kong law can be placed in our vending machines for resale, such as umbrellas, toys, Hygiene products, food, beauty products, etc. Hong Kong people seek convenience, so vending machines are also a good choice for business expansion. This vending machine has up to 54 cargo lanes and can hold 540 goods, helping you to expand your business for all kinds of businesses with low cost and high efficiency!


We are the only vending machine company in Hong Kong approved by the Japanese government. From offline to online, sales, promotion, background management system and mobile phone applications cooperate to provide you with one-stop service.

- Vending machine online store

- Mobile app

- Enterprise Resource Planning

- Support service

- Logistics replenishment

- Online and offline promotion and monitoring

- Repair

According to different products and different types of vending machines, the prices are also different. If you want to know more details, please feel free to contact us!

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