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@ZeroTravity is now on the Foodoor vending machine!

There is no way to travel during the epidemic. Many Hong Kong people choose Staycation as a small trip. But want to go to Staycation and worry that the hotel towels are not clean enough? Zero Travity kits, eco-friendly bath towels, eco-friendly towels can help you!

This zerotravity vending machine is now placed at the Central Pier No. 2 (inside the Cheung Chau Express Lock). When you visit Cheung Chau in the future, you can buy it from the vending machine at the terminal, which is very convenient!

* Zero Traivty products even packaging are decomposable substances, reducing the burden on the earth!

We are an automated and intelligent retail solution provider in Hong Kong. We have a variety of machines that meet the requirements of different merchants, provide different hardware, and cooperate with software support such as online stores, mobile apps, vending machine programs, back-end systems, etc., for merchants. Customize appropriate sales and promotion automation solutions to help merchants increase their market competitiveness.


We are the only vending machine company in Hong Kong approved by the Japanese government. From offline to online, sales, promotion, background management system and mobile phone applications cooperate to provide you with one-stop service.

- Vending machine online store

- Mobile app

- Enterprise Resource Planning

- Support service

- Logistics replenishment

- Online and offline promotion and monitoring

- Repair

According to different products and different types of vending machines, the prices are also different. If you want to know more details, please feel free to contact us!

(852) 9233 7439


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