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  • 14條貨道,最高載貨量達140件

  • 體積細小,高度相若大童高度
    150cm高 x 70cm闊 x 36cm深

  • ​溫度可支援室溫

  • 高清大螢幕,用以宣傳及推廣


Vending Machines

Foodoor combines different elements into our services, including vending machine, Online shop, Mobile app and Enterprise resource planning and support services. We provide a series of services from offline to online, selling to promoting.

From transporting, promotion, supervision to maintenance, Foodoor provide you a full set of services.

 售賣機 vending machine
 售賣機 vending machine

Feature of Foodoor
Providing different services and corporation opportunities

ERP System

Background accounts that connect to cloud are provided for our clients to help manage own business.

  1. Accounting management,

  2. Customer management

  3. Export management

  4. Import management


Enhancing exposure of your brand by using our advertising platform.

  1. Monitor Advertisment 

  2. Monitor Advertisment 

  3. ​Pop up advertisement

  4. Machine Wrapping

  5. Souvenir

Business Analysis

Sales of clients’ vending machine would be clearly shown. Each transaction would be automatically upload to data base.

  1. Statistics and charts 

  2. Selling trend of products

  3. Popular categories

  4. Main sales target

Multiple payment

Foodoor supports different type of payment systems.

  1. Octopus card

  2. WeChat Pay

  3. Alipay

  4. Online payment (Visa, Master)

Real-time remote

Wherever you are, you could efficiently analyse, monitor, process, control the selling devices through mobile phones, tablets or computers.

  1. management in and out of stock

  2. inventory

  3. distribution

  4. sales, and settlement

Hardware configuration options provided

  1. Translucent screen vending machine

  2. Hot food vending machine

  3. Smart hot Vending machine

  4. Mirror screen vending machine

  5. HD monitor vending machine

  6. Temperature control system 

  7. Escalator System

 售賣機程式 vending machine app
 售賣機程式 vending machine app

Connecting our

Mobile App

You could order our products whenever and wherever you are, so long as you have a mobile phone.

  • ou could place an order through the Foodoor App and take the product in the vending machine.

  • Through the Foodoor App, you could know where is the Foodoor vending machine located near you.

  • You can explore the online shop through the Foodoor App.

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Online Shop System

Convenient to use. With the background managing system, customers could clearly reveal the sales of the vending machine as well as the statistics, which could help analyse the selling trend of products, popular categories of products, main sales target, etc.

 售賣機程式 vending machine
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